Carbondale Fall Festival September 8, 2018

Carbondale City Park

HANDICAP Parking Area will be in City Park, south lot area.

Violators will be ticketed & towed at owner’s expense.


3:00 – 6:00   Car Show on Kansas Ave    (785-217-4297  for information)

3:00 – Vendors & Business Displays set up     ([email protected]  for Vendor information)

3:30 – Children’s Parade   Staging at 3:15, in (south) City Park, Fall Festival Handicap Parking area

(Pre-registration 785-836-7887, reserves participants a small gift.  Walk ups are welcome!)

4:00 – 8:00  Bouncers, Obstacle, Slide, Ball Kick/Throw Challenge      ticket or unlimited wristband

Assorted Inflatable options for toddler to adult   $1.00 per time; $10.00 Wristband  (sibling max $40;  family max $50)

4:00-6:30  Farmers Market

4:30 – 5:30 Carbondale Police Department Display;  Family & Youth-Adult Information,  Safety Items,  Drawings

5:00 – Lions Funnel Cakes,  Benefit SFT Scholarship Fund   (for sale all evening)

6:15 – Parade Staging begins at 5:30.  Check-in & Line-up in Jones Ball Park parking lot.

Parade    Begins: Jones Ball Park,  Ends:  Jones Ball Park

Route: Ball Park, South to Lawrence, East to Kansas, South to Main, West to Wilson, North to Ball Park

F Fest Schedule 2018

Pool Prices


Daily admission is $2.75 for 5 yr and above. If they leave the pool and return, they must pay when they come back. Persons entering the pool will pay full admission price unless a season pass has been purchased or a promotional pass has been issued. An adult in street clothes with a child 4 yrs old and younger can enter for free. However, if a parent or caregiver is dressed in a swim suit and gets in the pool with their child they need to pay for admission.

Pool staff is responsible for knowing who is listed on a pass. If there are any questions about someone’s eligibility, staff can request their name and birth date, which they verify off the pass.
• Single pass $ 65.00
• 2 people $115.00
• 3 people $170.00
• 4 people $190.00

• Family pass members are defined as “people living Full Time in one household”. Special circumstances will need to be approved through the Rec. Commission.
• Family pass is for up to 4 people
• $50.00 for each addition qualifying Family Member
• PASSES are non-refundable

*Private Parties-Reservations for pool parties must be made and paid for at the pool through the Pool Manager or Head Lifeguard. Pool parties are held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m, Monday thru Saturdays and 6:00 pm to 8 p.m. or 7:00 pm-9:00 pm on Sundays, when the pool and staff are available. The cost is $125.00 for a two hour party Monday through Thursday. And $150.00 for two hour party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost for a one hour party is $60.00. The renter must be 18 years of age or older. The price is for up to 50 people. There will be a $30.00 charge for up to additional 20 people.

*Reservations/Agreement Form- Reservation must be made with the Pool Manager or Heard lifeguard. At the time the reservation is made, the rental fee must be paid and the agreement form completed. The rental fee is paid up front as a deposit. If the party is canceled without two weeks’ notice the rental fee will not be returned. An exception can be made if the cancellation is due to the weather and will be determined by the Pool Manager. However, the party should be rescheduled if possible. Renter is responsible for the cost of any damage occurred while renting the pool.

*Outside Food or Drink- Are allowed with the approval by the Pool Manager. Concession will not be open.

*Slide rules apply

*No Alcohol Allowed-The City of Carbondale does not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed on any city owned property even at private parties.

Lessons for the season will be offered if a qualified teacher is available. Students need to pre-register so the manager can schedule classes and make sure to have sufficient staff available. Students can either pay for lessons when pre-registering or on the first day of class

1. No private lesson will be offered.
2. Lesson consist of 5, 1 hour classes for $40.00.
3. Classes will be groups of 5 if one instructor or groups of 10 if two instructors
4. Lesson will be given between 9:30 and 11:30
5. No manager will be on duty. Only certified instructors.

Individual that provide Swimming lessons need to be clear on the salary arrangement. The individual will receive 70% of the income taken in for lesson. No hourly rate will be paid for time spent doing Swimming lessons.


Listed below are those rules deemed necessary to maintain a safe and orderly pool operation. The lifeguards and pool supervisors are responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly facility-THEIR AUTHORITY MUST BE RESPECTED BY ALL.

The following is a list of our visitor’s policy. They are general in nature and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A FINAL LIST.


1. Persons entering the pool will pay full admission price unless a season pass has been purchased or a promotional pass has been issued. An exception can be for adults in street clothes with a child 4 yrs. old and younger. However, if a parent or caregiver is dressed in a swim suit and gets in the zero entry or regular pool with their child they need to pay for admission.


3. RUNNING, ROUGH PLAY AND PERSONAL CONTACT ENDANGERING THE SAFETY OF SELF AND OTHERS in any portion of the establishment shall be prohibited.

4. No cells phone are allowed in bathrooms. Signs must be posted on both bathroom.

5. Diving is permitted only in the deep end of the pool.

6. No FOOD OR BEVERAGES in the pool. NO Outside food or drinks allowed.

7. No glass items, including suntan oil, will be allowed on the premises.

8. Intentional destruction of pool property, including writing on walls, defacing tables and benches, etc. will result in suspension.

9. No loitering or horseplay in the bath house.

10. Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices will be allowed for use at the pool. Children using approved flotation devices must be within arms reach of someone 14 years or older.

11. Foreign objects including rocks, towels, etc. are not permitted in the pool. Toys are allowed in the zero entry part of the pool only.

12. Guards are not to visit with patrons while on Guard stand or roaming on side of pool. NO EXCEPTIONS. If someone needs to visit ask them to wait till you’re on break.

13. Management is not responsible for loss of any personal belongings.


15. Loitering on or near the ropes is prohibited.

16. Abusive language, obscene gestures, and public displays of affection will not be tolerated.

17. All swimmers must wear proper swimming attire.(exception is T-shirts may be worn to prevent sunburns)

18. Admission to the pool will be refused to all persons having skin diseases, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, or any communicable disease.

19. In the event of thunder and/or lightening the pool and decks must be cleared immediately and remain clear for 20 minutes after thunder is last heard. No refunds will be made due to inclement weather.

20. Slide:
1. Must be able to meet minimum regulation height. No exception even for private parties
2. One person on ladder.
3. Sitting position only.
4. Life guard on duty at all times when slide is open
5. No standing on slide to throw any object to others. No Exceptions!
6. No playing around on slide.
7. Slide does not have to be open the entire time pool is open.
21. Diving Rules:
1. No diving from the lifeguard Stand.
2. No diving in the shallow end.
3. No backflips.
4. Divers must swim to nearest ladder.
5. One bounce on the board.
6. Only children that can swim are allowed to go off diving board. And children that can’t swim are not allowed to be jumping into the deep end.
7. Wait until the person is at or past the exit ladders before diving.
8. Only one person on board at a time.

22. NO SMOKING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FACILITY!!! Except in Smoking Area outside of fence on east side of bath house/building.

23. No one under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL is allowed at the pool.

24. NO SEXUAL HARRASSMENT will be tolerated.

1ST Violation: Warning
2nd Violation: 15 minute detainment from the pool
3rd Violation: Dismissal from pool for one day, an incident report must be filled out.
4th Violation: Repeated violations will result in expulsion for the week and ultimately,
Termination of pool privileges for the season. An incident report must be filled out.

Pool Closing will be determined by the discretion of the Pool Management.

1. Must be accompanied by adults. Mush have 1 adult to 4 kids. Adults must be in pool with children
2. Must notify pool manager or head lifeguard 2 day in advance.