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If you have any questions, contact Osage County Emergency Management 785 828 3323

2021 Pool Prices

Pool information for the year 2021
Opening May 29, 2021

Hours of operation:

Monday – Saturday 1:00 – 7:00 Sunday – 1:00 – 6:00

Admission Info:


$2.75 per person age 5 and up

Children 4 & Under (Free) — with a paid daily admission

Season Passes:

Single                                        65.00

2 people                                   115.00

3 people                                   170.00

Family of 4                              190.00 (no combining families)

Family pass members are defined as “people living Full Time in one household”. Special circumstances will need to be approved through the Rec. Commission. ? Family pass is for up to 4 people

$50 for each additional qualifying Family Member

Private Rental:

Pool rental cost is $125 Monday-Thursday. Friday-Sunday $150.00 for up to 50 guests, for up to 20 additional guests the cost is $30 more. Approval

Large groups:

  1. Must be accompanied by adults. Must have 1 adult to 4 kids. Adults must be in pool with children
  2. Must notify pool manager or head lifeguard 2 days in advance.

For Information regarding the pool please call

Pool Manager: 785.836.7288 or 785.220.8489

City Hall: 785.836.7108