City Clerk

The City of Carbondale Clerk is Ms. Emily Bessette.

She is the chief administrator and appointed by Council. Listed below are just a few of the responsibilities of the City Clerk.

  • Financial:        

    • Account for all City funds
    • Oversee & allocate spending of all departments; compliance with purchasing policy
    • Record & track purchase orders
    • Pay bills & invoices;
    • Provide City Treasurer with necessary records of expenses & income
    • Reconcile with City Treasurer’s records, monthly
    • Prepare & oversee City budget
    • Reconcile bank records
    • Schedule yearly audit; compile & assist auditors
    • Prepare all reports associated with the financial aspects of the City


    • The City Clerk is the designated Freedom of Information Officer in charge of all open records of the City; except Municipal Court and Police Records. 
    • Record & publish all ordinances, resolutions, and other City action as required by law
    • File all records; invoices, personnel, reports, general correspondence, etc.


  • Meeting:

    • Attend all council meetings; assign a replacement when absent
    • Prepare all information for council meetings; send information to council members on the Friday prior to each meeting
    • Prepare the agenda for each council meeting
    • Record the actions taken in each meeting, for approval at next regular council meeting
    • Gather information & reports as requested by the council
    • Administer Oaths
    • Assist in the facilitation of the council meeting


    • Assist all State agencies, Grant Writer, Engineers & other professional firms with the administration, planning & reporting of any grants obtained by the City.



    • When necessary, assist City Treasurer
    • General office duties: answer phone calls, receive payments, sort mail, manage inquiries & complaints, provide necessary paperwork for licenses & permits, record research, issue work orders to applicable department, hall rentals, and customer relations.
    • Distribute mail to appropriate department
    • Inspect fire extinguishers monthly
    • Check FDIC coverage monthly
    • Monitor all social media