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Reminder of the water Policy and ImPORtant dates to remeMber

Important Utility Dates:

  • The payment of your City utility bill is due on or before the 10th of every month. 
  • Late Fees are applied after 12:00pm on the 11th. If the 11th falls on the weekend it will be applied the following Tuesday. 
  • Water Shut off is after noon on the 21st and if the 21st falls on a weekend shut off will occur on the following Tuesday.
  • Extension requests are due before Noon on the third Monday of the month. No Exception to the due date of the extension request. 
    • if an extension request us requested and the payment is after the 10th late fees will still be applied. 
  • If you request for us to hold a payment past the due date of the 10th there will be a late fee applied as it is not paid if we hold it. 
  • Please call into City Hall (785)836-7108, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm and closed for Lunch from 12:00pm- 1:00pm. Do not post on Facebook as we do not monitor it.
  • Payments for reconnection must be made before 4:00pm to be turned back on the same day and must be recieved during business hours or the water service will remain off until the next business day. 
  • Please make sure to notify the city office once you have made your payment if you have received a hang tag or notice and please check all entrances for hang tag. 
  • The bill for the water, sewer & trash service are mailed out before the 25th of the prior month of the due date.
  • If you do not receive a bill by the 3rd of the month please call the city office for your balance.
  • Failure to receive a bill in the mail does not avoid payment before the due date or penalities being applied for being late. 
  • A returned check is considered non-payment and will result in disconnection of service and return check fee will be applied.
Fees are as listed below:
Late fees: $10.00
Reconnection Fee: $50.00
Return check fee: $20.00

The Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission are looking for new members. 

What does the Carbondale Planning & Zoning Commission do?

The City of Carbondale has a Planning and Zoning Commission that meets the Second and Fourth Thursday of each month at City Hall.  The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of five members of the community.  They review rezoning requests, annexations and building, demolition and fence permits. They ensure the zoning regulations are being followed. 

If you are interested in volunteering for a position on the Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission, please reach out to City Hall at 785-836-7108. 

Important reminder of City Utility Policies and Dates.


We are sending out a reminder of the policy regarding the City Utility Bills. This will be monitored closely and no exceptions will be made beyond this policy. 

Important Utility Dates:

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Weather Closures & Cancellations


Due to worsening weather conditions the City Council Meeting scheduled for January 15, 2024 is being POSTPONED until February 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm. 

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Trash Service delayed by one day due to New Years Day week ending 1/5/24.


Reminder that trash service will be off a day due to New Years Day unless your service is regularly on Friday. Please be patient while they pick up trash as on Friday they will have double routes. 

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Reminder about Trash Service


Reminder that trash service will be off a day due to the holiday unless your service is regularly on Friday. Please be patient while they pick up trash as on Friday they will have double routes. 

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City Office Closed Monday December 25, 2023 for Christmas.


The City office will be closed Monday December 25, 2023 to allow the city employees time to spend with their families. If you have an Emergency water related problem, please call the 785-836-7108 (the office number) it will forward to the clerk and we will get someone to you. 

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City Office Closed November 1 for training.


The City office will be closed on Wednesday November 1, 2023 for training. 

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Temporary Water Shut off on West Hill!


There will be a temporary water shut off tomorrow 10/17/2023 from 8:00am to 11:00pm at the latest. Only the houses who recieve yellow hang tag will be effected.  Please prepare accordingly. Hang tags are being delivered currently. 

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Street Closures due to sealing of the streets.


 Please be aware.

There are street closures today 9/21/2023 and tomorrow 09/22/23 due to the sealing of the streets. This will be from 8:00 am to 6:00pm. The list of closures are below. Any streets not completed today will be closed tomorrow. We do not have any specific times for them to be working on these roads. If you have further questions regarding the road work please contact Vance Brothers (816)-804-2610

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Grant Writing Course offered by K-State & Osage County Economic Development


FREE for Osage County entities
Deadline to Register 9.29.23 (5pm)
Seats are limited -Lunch will be provided

Registration Link below:
(right click to open)

Questions please contact:

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RWD 8 Boil water advisory is not City of Carbondale.


We have had many questions on this. Although we are concerned for RWD 8,  this is not the City of Carbondale water.  The City of Carbondale is not under a boil advisory.

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System Error


We had a system error with payments from this weekend. If you paid this weekend or friday and got a shut off notice please disregard. We have gotten it corrected and your payments applied. 

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Attention: Water lines are being flushed.


The Public Works Department is working at the water plant and have been there all night. Today, they will continue to flush the lines.  Please be patient while they do this. 

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Do you know a child in need of shoes???


Do you know a child in need of shoes??

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Water Quality Report available Now!!!


This report is a snapshot of the quality of water that was provided last year (2022). Included is details about where it came from, what it contains, and how it compairs to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards. We are commited to providing you with information because informed, knowlegeable customers are out best allies.  

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