Carbondale Community Video Network

Video cameras are a tremendous tool for detecting, identifying and apprehending criminals. Our Carbondale Community Video Network Program invites Carbondale residents and businesses to work with us to create a secure, confidential map of security cameras and video doorbells across the City. 

You can register your security camera and/or video doorbell that views any public area in Carbondale such as sidewalks, streets and parking lots. If a crime occurs, we may contact registrants in that specific area to see if footage was captured that is helpful to our investigation. We would then use that information to apprehend and prosecute the criminals involved.

Registration is completely voluntary and registrants can opt out at any time. 

Register your cameras

There is no fee to register your camera, and we will keep your information confidential. You can register your security cameras / video doorbells three ways:

  • Via email
  • Via mail
  • In Person @ City Hall, 234 Main St. Carbondale, Kansas 66414

Carbondale Kansas Police Department

234 Main Street Carbondale, Kansas 66414

We will follow up with you upon receipt of your registration. 

You may unsubscribe from the program at any time.

Privacy concerns

This program is not intended for active surveillance, nor does it provide us direct camera access to your system. Registering simply lets us know which locations have video surveillance in the area.

We may request to see or make copies of footage related to criminal activity and to use for evidence during criminal proceedings. 

All registry information is only available to our police department for the purposes of investigating a criminal matter. Any information shared with the Department will be strictly confidential. Having this information will allow us to locate potential evidentiary video and contact the homeowner or business for a copy in a quick and efficient manner. 

Contact Info

Shannon Seals
Chief of Police
234 Main St
785 836 7377
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