Annual Fall Celebration

For many years now, the Fall Celebration has been a tradition that has brought to our community not only fun and pleasure but also a sense of pride and unity. The Lions Club, however, is no longer capable of sponsoring the Fall Celebration by itself. We need more individuals to be organizers and workers physically present during the event. While the Lions Club is still planning a Fall Celebration this year, it will be much smaller in scope and size unless other individuals and groups step up to help.

During the three days of October 6, 7, and 8, the Carbondale Lions are providing the following for the community. Toby’s Carnival will be set up in the Carbondale community park offering games, rides, and food. A dance with live music performed by the band Delta Haze will be featured on Saturday night, October 8. The Lions will also be selling funnel cakes throughout the festivities. If more activities and events are to be offered, then other groups must be willing to plan and work them. The Carbondale Lions Club, as Sponsor of the Fall Celebration, is providing another very important and costly thing: insurance coverage for the event.

Now, we are asking that other groups and individuals to step up and volunteer. For example, maybe some group wants to fund the very popular wrestlers or organize a parade. Lots of ideas, with new ideas welcomed, are possible. Maybe there is even a brave soul who would like to act as Chairperson for the whole event.

A new addition this year will be small-item sales by non-profit groups at no charge to these groups. Examples might be a church group wants to have a bake sale, or handy-work crafts, etc. Scouts may want to have a sucker-pull game, etc. These would be limited to a small scale area, using a 6′-8′ table display only. Larger displays would be considered a small business Vendor Space & would fall under those minimal Vendor fees ($15 advance registration, or $30 registration at Fall Celebration). Approved Food Vendors will be $50.

It takes a lot of people willing to work in order to make a large-scale community event like the Fall Celebration possible. Please, please, consider taking an active role to support community so that this treasured annual tradition will stay alive. Carbondale Lions can help you with information gained from past Celebrations to get you started in what needs done, what has been successful, as well as what can be improved.

Let us know what part you can play to show unity as a community for a much enjoyed Fall Celebration tradition. For planning purposes, please respond before August 17 with the type of service towards Fall Celebration that can be counted on from individuals and groups.

There will be a meeting at 7:00 pm August 31 at the ELM Building to see if there is community support. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t let 2016 be the last Fall Celebration for Carbondale.

Please contact: Lion Mary Vawter Burgett at 785-836-7887 or e-mail, [email protected] Thank you,

Mary Vawter Burgett

Secretary, Carbondale Lions Club PO Box 45 Carbondale, KS 66414