New water meter installation beginning soon!

Please note that the public works department will begin installing digital water meters on Monday November 28, 2022.
The city is excited for this update which will bring us more accuracy and information and easier reading of meters city wide.
A few notes to our citizens:
If you see a flag placed in your yard near the water line or meter, please leave it where it is placed.
Additionally, once these meters are installed the antenna attachment can be damaged by opening the meter lid so, please do NOT open city-owned meter pits on any property.
Equipment/antenna that are broken due to city-owned meter pits being opened by non-authorized persons will be billed to the property owner.
Ordinances pertaining to water meters and city-owned water meter pits can be found on our website at
Questions or concerns can be directed to the city at or to Public Works at 785 836 7746