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Important reminder of City Utility Policies and Dates.


We are sending out a reminder of the policy regarding the City Utility Bills. This will be monitored closely and no exceptions will be made beyond this policy. 

Important Utility Dates:

  • The payment of your City utility bill is due on or before the 10th of every month. 
  • Late Fees are applied after 12:00pm on the 11th. If the 11th falls on the weekend it will be applied the following Tuesday. 
  • Water Shut off is after noon on the 21st and if the 21st falls on a weekend shut off will occur on the following Tuesday.
  • Extension requests are due before Noon on the third Monday of the month. No Exception to the due date of the extension request. 
    • if an extension request us requested and the payment is after the 10th late fees will still be applied. 
  • If you request for us to hold a payment past the due date of the 10th there will be a late fee applied as it is not paid if we hold it. 
  • Please call into City Hall (785)836-7108, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm and closed for Lunch from 12:00pm- 1:00pm. Do not post on Facebook as we do not monitor it.
  • Payments for reconnection must be made before 4:00pm to be turned back on the same day and must be recieved during business hours or the water service will remain off until the next business day. 
  • Please make sure to notify the city office once you have made your payment if you have received a hang tag or notice and please check all entrances for hang tag. 
  • The bill for the water, sewer & trash service are mailed out before the 25th of the prior month of the due date.
  • If you do not receive a bill by the 3rd of the month please call the city office for your balance.
  • Failure to receive a bill in the mail does not avoid payment before the due date or penalities being applied for being late. 
  • A returned check is considered non-payment and will result in disconnection of service and return check fee will be applied.
Fees are as listed below:
Late fees: $10.00
Reconnection Fee: $50.00
Return check fee: $20.00